The Carb Comparison: you asked us for choices low in carbohydrates ... and here they are!

Each carb count is for one serving.

Smirnoff Ice

Triple Black

29 carbs

Smirnoff Ice

32 carbs


Hard Lemonade

37 carbs


Hard Cranberry

38 carbs

Michelob Ultra

2.6 carbs

Coors Light

5.0 carbs

Bud Light

6.6 carbs

Miller Lite

3.2 carbs

Rock Green Light

2.6 carbs


All red wines are lower in carbohydrates than blush and whites.
Rule of thumb: the drier the wine, the lower the carbs

These liquors have the lowest carbohydrates:

Jim Beam Rye Bacardi Vanilla2
Old Overhold Rye Bicardi O3
Bacardi Light0Bacardi Razz3
Bacardi Gold0Bacardi Coco2
Bacardi Limon2  
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